As I feared it might, my 8-to-12-hour shift on the OB deck has turned into a 24. Making the best of it, though my current state of boredom beggars description.

I even went to the car, retrieved the Superwide, and shot some mostly execrable photographs around the hospital. After checking with the OB nurses to make sure nothing evil was stirring, of course. There are some columns along the patient pick-up/drop-off driveway with interesting late-day light playing on them. And from my call room, albeit through filthy, sealed windows (call rooms always bring to mind a third-world prison cell), there is some lovely, gleaming HVAC stuff out on the gravel roof: pipes, ductwork, rust stains, and the like. Eye candy for the bored photographer otherwise bereft of time, or inspiration.

It’s a breezy, warm, dry day in Denver, with a beautiful blue sky. A good night to be drinking wine on my balcony while we watch the joggers, cyclists, and dog-walkers go by on their way to the park.

I was a last-minute substitute on the OB deck today. The regularly-scheduled anesthesiologist was pulled away with several others for a liver transplant, so I got the nod. Not a huge deal, but I was sorta mentally ready for that balcony, and that wine.

Michael Sebastian @mikeseb